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How to wash dark and light clothes together

Wash dark and light clothes together

We all spend so much time separating our whites and colours or our dark and lights before washing them. But is it really necessary? Could there be another way?

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look whether you can wash greys and whites together and even if you can wash black and white clothes together. Let’s find out.

Can you wash grey with white clothes together

We’ve all been told that you can’t wash colours with whites, but what about grey clothes? Can you wash grey with whites?

In general light grey garments are fine to wash with whites, however dark grey items shouldn’t be washed in the same load as white clothes as the darker dye could potentially run into the whites. However, with a Colour Catcher laundry sheet it is possible. The laundry sheet has unique technology that stops any colours than run in the wash from getting onto the fibres of other clothes – they’re trapped on the sheet instead. 

With a laundry sheet like this, you can pop greys (whatever the shade) in with whites no problem. 

How to wash black and white clothes together

It’s important to know what colours can be washed together. Usually separating colours into different laundry piles is the way forward if you want to avoid any colour runs.

In the past it’s always been a good idea to separate the garments into different groups such as whites, light colours, dark colours and delicates like wool and silks. For example if you decided to wash whites together with a pile of black clothes, the risk is the dyes from the dark load will run into the whites and your favourite white crisp shirt could turn a murky shade of grey.

The usual reason for these types of laundry accidents are due to reactive dyes – when this type of dye comes into contact with detergents that contain bleach they may leak and run into lighter colour garments. Another reason is that the dye from one particular item could bleed, causing the rest of the laundry to change colour.

But if the thought of washing black and white clothes together sends you into a panic, don’t worry, our revolutionary technology is here to help. With Colour Catcher, you can wash all your laundry together in one load. Not only does it save you time when it comes to sorting your clothes. Getting everything done in fewer washes means less money spent on energy bills and an environmentally-friendly solution too.

To wash your clothes effectively and keep your clothes looking their best, discover more about Colour Catcher and our range of products. 

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