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The Brand

Successful & powerful protection for your laundry

Colour Catcher is the world leading brand in protecting your colours with more than 30 years of experience. It was invented in 1993 and revolutionized the way we do laundry. Nowadays, Colour Catcher is available in over 38 countries worldwide with more than 1 Billion sheets sold per year. Millions of families trust Colour Catcher and know that “the proof is on the sheet"®.

Our promise

Our team of dedicated research and development experts are continually working on solutions to improve our current products and provide solutions to protect your laundry, simplify your life and save you money, time & energy. We are confident that you will achieve fantastic laundry results using our products. We promise that should you have any problems using our products, our team of experts will be on hand to help.

Discover our Products

  • Colour Catcher Max Protect

    Colour Catcher Max Protect

  • The Maximum Protection Colour Catcher + ECO

    Colour Catcher Max Protect + ECO

  • Colour Catcher 2in1 Protect & Revive Colours

    Colour Catcher 2in1 Protect & Revive Colours

  • Laundry Whiteners

    Laundry Whiteners

  • Washing Machine Cleaner

  • SOS Colour Run + Spray Starch

    SOS Colour Run + Spray Starch