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Laundry Whiteners

Brighten and whiten faded white fabrics and remove stubborn stains For all your whitening needs and impeccably white clothes 

Colour Catcher + Whitening Power + Stain Remover Benefits

These laundry sachets provide 3 benefits in 1 convenient dye catcher pad: providing maximum protection against colour run accidents but also effectively reviving & brightening whites and removing stubborn stains during the wash.

The ultra-absorbing fibres on the surface of the sachet catch bleeding colour particles during the wash while the optical brightening agents help to revitalise the brightness of whites. Simultaneously, the stain removal powder effectively removes stains deep within your fabric. Colour Catcher pads allow for fewer overall wash loads, ensuring whites stay brighter and whiter in an environmentally friendly way. The surface of the pad is made of 100% naturally derived fibres.

Product benefits

Prevent Colour Run Accidents – The surface of the pad effectively traps colours that bleed into the water during the wash. The proof is on the pad!

Revives and brightens whites – The innovative pad not only catches dirt particles but also works against greying and revitalizes the brightness of whites – wash after wash.

Removes Stains – The powder inside the pads acts effectively in removing stubborn stains even at low temperatures.

Sustainability Features – The surface of the anti colour transfer pad is FSC® certified and made of 100% naturally-derived fibres.

Dylon Ultra Whitener Benefits   

When your whites are looking dull and discoloured, Dylon Ultra Whitener sachets can restore their brilliant whiteness even at low temperatures. Simple, quick and convenient to use, giving you the whitest whites every wash. The sachets' surface is: Made of 100% naturally - derived fibres, free from microplastic fibres

How to apply

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Laundry Whiteners

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