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Colour Catcher 2in1 Protect & Revive Colours

Revives faded colours whilst protecting clothes from colour run accidents! 

The proof is on the sheet!™

Product information

Colour Catcher 2in1 Protect & Revive Colours combines our anti-colour transfer laundry sheet with a technology that helps to revive faded colours – all in an eco-friendly way. Our new sheet generation now comes in a bigger size and provides better performance. The innovative sheet not only catches bleeding dye, but also makes use of reviving agents to revitalize the vibrancy of your clothes' colours and to work against colour fading - wash after wash by smoothening already damaged fibres. Colour Catcher sheets allow mixed colour washes and lead to less sorting, reduced washloads and thus save time, water and energy. The sheet is made of 100% naturally-derived fibres.

Product benefits

Prevent Colour Run Accidents – Colour Catchers effectively trap colours that bleed into the water during the wash. The proof is on the sheet!

Anti fading – Colour Catcher Revive smoothens already damaged fabrics that helps restore colours to their original glory.

Revive Colours – The 2in1 Colour Catcher sheet works against colour fading and helps to revitalize the brightness of your clothes' colours – wash after wash by smoothening already damaged fibres.

Allow Mixed Washes – Colour Catcher sheets protect against colour transfer and allow mixed colour washes. This enables less sorting, leads to fewer washloads and helps saving water and energy.

Sustainability Features – The Sheet is FSC certified and is made of 100% naturally derived and bio-degradable fibres. The packaging is made of 100% recycled paper and is fully recyclable.

Usage Instructions

Suitable for hand and machine-washing, all temperatures, cycles and fabrics. Safe for dryer use.

Eco-friendly way

Available Pack Sizes

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