Colour Catcher Laundry Sheets

Powerful protection for your laundry

Product information

Certain fabrics are more susceptible to colour runs: dark and intense coloured fabrics, cotton and non-colourfast garments. For such items, it is recommended to increase the number of sheets. Reasonable care should be taken if mixing colours with whites. New coloured garments should be washed separately for at least 6 first washes. Bedlinen, towels and jeans should always be washed separately. Effectiveness cannot be guaranteed where large quantities of dye run from non-colourfast garments. Always follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions Keep out of reach of children.


Experience the best protection against colour run accidents, the sheet acts as a magnet to trap any loose dye for maximum protection.

Thanks to its exclusive patented technology, the sheet absorbs and traps all colours that are released during the wash.


The Proof is on the Sheet!®
Colour Catcher is the No.1 Laundry sheet brand in the UK and Ireland.*


* Source: 52 w/e 04th October 2020 Total Laundry Sheets, Purchase Data, Kantar, Worldpanel FMCG

How to use

  • Place the sheet in the washing drum before adding laundry.

  • Add laundry detergent as usual, then start your wash cycle.

  • Remove the sheet and clothes after wash. Recycle the sheet once done.


  • Prevents colour run accidents

    Prevents colour run accidents

  • Allows mixed washes

    Allows mixed washes

  • Protects colour brightness

    Protects colour brightness

  • Prevents greying

    Prevents greying

  • Prevents dirt residuals to redeposit

    Prevents dirt residuals to redeposit

  • Effective at all temperatures

    Effective at all temperatures