The Proof Is On The Sheet!®

Tired of endlessly sorting laundry? Have you ever looked at a stripy top or a spotty dress and felt confused about which wash to load it with? Will the spots and stripes leak colour onto your whites or will darker items in the wash spoil the white elements?

There is a solution… Discover the smart way to wash and save time, money and energy while protecting clothes from unsightly colour runs with COLOUR CATCHER®.

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Reviews-White 'n' Bright 

This photo shows the difference between my washing and my sisters washing! Me and my sister both have a baby under the age of one. Once I received my white n bright sheets I made sure that I used them for every white load. At first I wasn’t sure that it was making any difference as I had nothing to compare it to. But then I came up with the idea of comparing with my sister’s washing. Our babies are a similar age and therefore their clothes are of a similar age too and will have been washed a similar amount of times. When we put them together we were both shocked at the difference! My sisters washing was so grey when put next to my washing. My washing seemed to glow, it was that white! It felt softer and the clothes looked newer. My sisters washing appeared older and was more bobbly and rough. Needless to say, my sister is desperate to start using white n bright now and I am never going back!

nattymctatty84 29 years old, Coventry, West Midlands Read more reviews
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