The Proof Is On The Sheet!®

Tired of endlessly sorting laundry? Have you ever looked at a stripy top or a spotty dress and felt confused about which wash to load it with? Will the spots and stripes leak colour onto your whites or will darker items in the wash spoil the white elements?

There is a solution… Discover the smart way to wash and save time, money and energy while protecting clothes from unsightly colour runs with COLOUR CATCHER®.

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Reviews-White 'n' Bright 

I find keeping my sons school polo shirts white, practically impossible! Even on a 60 degree wash… Not anymore! Bright n White have helped keep them as white as the day I brought them, saving me a fortune replacing shirts every few months. So easy to use, pop it in the bottom of the drum and wash as normal… Even on a 30 degree wash White n Bright was brilliant! Highly recommended, will definitely be purchasing more, very pleased!!

Claros 29 years old, Staffordshire Read more reviews
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