Brilliant White Repair

Revives the brilliance of whites

Product information

Always place the sachet in the drum before the laundry. Use each sachet only once. Do not cut or perforate the sachet. Do not leave unused sachets out of the box. Do not use in the tumble dryer. If using a washer/dryer take out the sachet before the start of the dryer cycle. Always follow the washing instructions on the garment care label and the washing machine manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use on garments with leather, plastic or metallic parts. Effectiveness cannot be guaranteed in all conditions. Store in a cool dry place in the original packaging.

White clothing is special and needs extra care

Removes the toughest stains such as grass, wine, make-up & grease and injects new life into your whites.

For brighter whites!


Gentle care, effective even at 30°.

How to use

  • Place sachets into the back of the machine drum before adding your laundry.

  • Add laundry detergent as usual, then start your wash cycle.

  • Once the cycle has ended, remove and dispose of the used sachet.