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COLOUR CATCHER® from DYLON®, the Experts in Colour.

dylonIn 1946 DYLON® – ‘Dyes of London’ – was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Luca Purbeck and Peter Samuel, who began selling colourful dyes from a garage in central London.



Over the years the brand has become synonymous with transforming wardrobes, homes and lives with colour and during the 70′s and 80′s DYLON® developed a range of fabric care products designed to renovate and revive fabrics and keep colours looking their best.

In 2008 DYLON® was acquired by the Spotless Group and the COLOUR CATCHER® range of colour run prevention products were brought under the DYLON® brand.

Invented by one of the Spotless Group companies, Punch Industries in Ireland in 1993, COLOUR CATCHER® is the market leader in colour run prevention in the UK.

Used today by over 1 million households, COLOUR CATCHER®, with its revolutionary anti-transfer technology, aims to simplify consumers’ lives, saving time and money by allowing mixed colour wash loads and reducing the need to sort laundry.

So how do I feel about how well these sheets have worked over time? What can I say – My sheets are still really bright and most importantly beautifully soft.

At the end of the day for me softness was my main concern. After all, I’m asleep when the sheets are doing their job. And too often have I been annoyed because my once soft sheets have gone hard and scratchy because of the chemicals used in traditional whiteners. But not with these white’n’bright sheets by Dylon.

I can sleep easy now knowing my sheets not only look good but feel amazing.

Kat Craigen, Croydon

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